DECISION : Matters Alot

Every person in this world has miserable and generous LIFE. We all paying our good as well as bad deeds. TIME is a perfect mirror, it showing us what we did and what we are having now. MIND making lots of planning and builds the thinking.

Never underestimate or overestimate, that what we think is correct or incorrect. The matter is always our “DECISION” , which affect the next moment of our LIFE. Just think twice , LIFE is not a straight line , there are lots of waves. DECISION is always from the mind, so we have to be calm and fair from thinking. Know your will , Know your bondation and Know your LIFE , how it is ?

Sometime quick decision may correct or late decision may incorrect and sometime vice versa. We all credited with only one LIFE , another chance comes with our KARMA. So think twice what we are doing , what we have to do and what we did. Is correct from all PERSPECTIVE , is it REAL or just IMAGINARY, Is our decision affects single person or affects all.

The biggest and serious disease is that DISTURBANCE from INSIDE , which makes us unbalanced, tired, helpless, thoughtless and unhealthy.

Better to ignore this all things , best to think right now. What is the prime thing to do save HUMANITY. No one tells us to be a billionaire or to be an alcoholic . Its our DECISION which path we have to choose and how we are choosing , what is the base. Negative always comes first because we gave the priority. Try to bring POSITIVE and FAIR thinking are your prime PRIORITY.

Summary of all this think is simple , LIVE the LIFE with OPEN thoughts and be PURE HEART person.