Hero or Villain : Choice is yours

In our LIFE we all have circumstances, problems , moments and conditions. We always try to get rid over all this thing daily. Most of people have Money problem. In entire LIFE span we all go through this thing save money and earn money.

In between, race of earn money and save money we lost our real identity. We all wants to be HERO , no Villain should be there in my LIFE .. this is normal desire of all. But you ever think why Villain are bad , how they become Villain , what are the condition made them Villain.

No one wants to be bad, all we want to be clean and good. But reality is , that thing will not happen. Because we are HUMAN,. We always surrounded with conditions . Next second what happen we don’t know. With that happen whats your decision you don’t know. So in brief we have to accept our condition first. We have to analyze and look upon whats my position whats other position. Every one has own perspective you never bond anyone with yours thinking. The thing only matter how you handing condition peacefully and calmly.

Above thing matters that you are HERO or VILLAIN. Because we are Hero and we are Villain of our Own Life. So take every step in life think more than once. Make your mind that much strong , that handle any situation. Make your Heart soft to pardon anyone that gives you peace and happiness.

One LIFE , One World, again you will get don’t know. Your relation, Your emotion , moments what you build again you will get don’t know. Biggest mistake in our LIFE we did that some time we show ego for something that some one get feel down. Sometime we get angry that much , that crossed the limit. Why ego , why comparison why attitude. One thing we have to accept TIME is very powerful , how you doing today , you will get in future. Then all are equal no one is looser no one is winner.

I hope , I expressed my perspective and vision . My only request try to spread Love and Happiness and avoid negativity as much as possible.

Have a good and healthy LIFE.


DECISION : Matters Alot

Every person in this world has miserable and generous LIFE. We all paying our good as well as bad deeds. TIME is a perfect mirror, it showing us what we did and what we are having now. MIND making lots of planning and builds the thinking.

Never underestimate or overestimate, that what we think is correct or incorrect. The matter is always our “DECISION” , which affect the next moment of our LIFE. Just think twice , LIFE is not a straight line , there are lots of waves. DECISION is always from the mind, so we have to be calm and fair from thinking. Know your will , Know your bondation and Know your LIFE , how it is ?

Sometime quick decision may correct or late decision may incorrect and sometime vice versa. We all credited with only one LIFE , another chance comes with our KARMA. So think twice what we are doing , what we have to do and what we did. Is correct from all PERSPECTIVE , is it REAL or just IMAGINARY, Is our decision affects single person or affects all.

The biggest and serious disease is that DISTURBANCE from INSIDE , which makes us unbalanced, tired, helpless, thoughtless and unhealthy.

Better to ignore this all things , best to think right now. What is the prime thing to do save HUMANITY. No one tells us to be a billionaire or to be an alcoholic . Its our DECISION which path we have to choose and how we are choosing , what is the base. Negative always comes first because we gave the priority. Try to bring POSITIVE and FAIR thinking are your prime PRIORITY.

Summary of all this think is simple , LIVE the LIFE with OPEN thoughts and be PURE HEART person.